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  • Cabinet of Curiosity

    My fever dream of a Robot Arcade in the library has practically come true. During a special extra-curricular event called Unbounded Days, students recently put the finishing touches on our own video game cabinet. Now, students and teachers alike can… Read More ›

  • Calling All Amateurs!

    The school library should house amateurs of every stripe. We seek to inspire curiosity, stoke the imagination, and nurture passionate study. Don’t sell the amateur short. In contrast to the professional and the expert, a mere amateur could be seen… Read More ›

  • The thrill of discovery: collaboration, literacies, and curricula

    A key focus in my library this year is collaboration. I am currently teaming up with the world languages department and the school’s administration as they re-design curricula. As I participate in this collective endeavor, I am also learning a… Read More ›

  • In Pursuit of Multiliteracies

    My library hosts multimodal texts as naturally as it welcomes student life. Paintings, drawings, and installations abound. Students sing on Fridays for our performance series. The student news publication lives in the center of our public space. A video game… Read More ›

  • Quarreling Over Names

    Libraries support students as they interrogate, study, and negotiate meaning together. Last month, I wrote about a special collection in my library that is focused on Islamic culture, heritage, and history. It is called the Mowjood Collection and it inspires… Read More ›

  • Special Collection as Collaboration

    The Dr. Muhammad Rizvi Mowjood Memorial Collection at Fawcett Library features books, videos, and recordings centered on Islamic faith, history, and culture. This special collection is supported by an endowment that was started in 1992 by Dr. Mowjood’s family. Working… Read More ›

  • School Library as a Space for Situated Learning

    Last year, I realized my blog writing for Knowledge Quest focused on three main topics: learning, literacies, and collaboration. This year, I intend to explore each of these concepts more in depth in order to help my school library fulfill… Read More ›

  • Laughter in the Library

    You might laugh, but the library of my dreams has a giant Robot Arcade. The other night I dreamt that a massive wall in my library began to lift and revealed a Robot Arcade behind floor-to-ceiling plexiglass walls. [spoiler-alert: my… Read More ›

  • Looking back to look ahead: planning for a new year

    A school year exhales. You catch your breath. It’s hard to comprehend that the year has already passed. Fittingly, I end my first cycle as a blogger for Knowledge Quest much as it began: my library sits hushed as the… Read More ›

  • Library as Incubator

    Libraries fulfill their promise when they feed curiosity, nurture passion, and encourage experimentation. In this way, school libraries can serve as natural incubators for innovative programs, thus extending their institutions’ capabilities. Audiences connected to resources are a library’s lifeblood. A… Read More ›