Student Engagement/ Teaching Models


With the holidays approaching, I find many of my students slacking off with their study habits. In other words, they have caught a bad case of “end-of-semester-itis.” A nasty, dreadful disease sweeping the nation, and one I hope to cure. Winter… Read More ›

Library Serendipity Part 2

Walking down the hall in any busy school today brings us shoulder to shoulder with busy children laughing, crying, some barely dragging themselves to class, others running to get there first–all the energy and passion that is youth is right… Read More ›

Mindfulness in the Library

According to the Association of Mindfulness in Education, mindfulness can be simply defined as, “Paying attention here and now with kindness and curiosity” (  Mindfulness can be integrated in a variety of settings, not limited to education, for maximum benefit… Read More ›