How to Create Makerspace Procedures That Work

How to Create Makerspace Procedures that Work - Figuring out the best way to get your students to learn and follow procedures can be a tricky process. But having good procedures in place is essential for creating a makerspace that runs smoothly. Check out these tips on how to create makerspace procedures that will work for your students.

When we set up our libraries and classrooms, we create procedures to help keep things running smoothly. In the same way, we need to create makerspace procedures that help our students understand how to utilize and participate in our spaces. It can be tricky to figure out the perfect procedures. Here’s some advice on setting up procedures for your space:

Incorporate Student Voice

Makerspaces are about the students. You want to make sure that the procedures you create are student-focused. Meet with a group of your students and brainstorm procedures together. By giving your students voice in the process, they’re more likely to actually follow the makerspace procedures.

Find the Best Solution for YOUR Space

Every makerspace is different. You can’t just copy and paste the procedures from another school’s makerspace and expect them to work perfectly for you. Find what solutions are most successful for YOUR space and YOUR students.

Make It Easy to Be Independent

Try to create procedures that give students as much independence as possible. If they need you to assist them all the time (i.e., unlocking technology, approving items for storage, etc) that takes away from your time working with students on projects and adds frustration.

Teach and Enforce Procedures Early and Often

Create your procedures as early in the year as possible and enforce them right away. The longer you wait to get procedures in place, the more likely students are to create bad habits that will be difficult to break.

Some Procedures to Include:

  • Safety – Do students need googles, hair tied back, gloves or other items?
  • Accessing supplies – How do students get to supplies, and what are they allowed to use?
  • Storing supplies – Where do students put supplies when done?
  • Sharing supplies – What happens if another student has something that someone wants to use?
  • Damage – What happens if something breaks?
  • Clean-up – How and when do students clean up their spaces?
  • Project storage – Where can students store in-progress projects?

More Resources:

What are some of the procedures that you have in place in your makerspace?

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  1. Do you have any ideas to manage student sign up during lunch periods?
    I don’t want Library/Makerspace it to be a punishment nor a reward and I want the system to allow all students the opportunity without a lot of fan fair.
    I’m looking for a sign up system that encourages a variety of students.
    Any ( and all) suggestions are appreciated.
    This is a Middle School.

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