2017 ALA/AASL Election – Educators of School Librarians Section

You matter and your vote makes a difference. The 2017 ALA/AASL Election is quickly approaching, and it will only take a few moments of your time in the days leading up to the election to get connected with the candidates. AASL is using this public forum as an opportunity to introduce the candidates running for office. Each candidate was given the opportunity to respond to this question: If elected, what will you do to advance AASL’s new position statement on effective school library programs?

Be involved. Be informed. Be a voter. Read the candidates responses over the next few days, and get out your vote beginning March 13. It is important for all members of AASL to exercise the right to vote in ALA’s Spring election process.

ESLS Chair-Elect Candidate

Lucy Santos Green

It is an honor to be nominated as candidate for the position of Chair-Elect for the Educators of School Librarians Section. The purpose of ESLS is “to provide a membership group for the exchange of ideas, for the review and study of curricula, and for the development of research activities for educators in colleges and universities whose programs focus on school librarian education and training.” In recent months, it has become even more apparent that a strong school library program, administered by a certified school librarian, that ensures all students are equipped to be life long learners and critical thinkers, is a crucial educational right we must defend at all times.

As a former school librarian and current school library educator and researcher, I have dedicated my professional life to working with my fellow ESLS members as we endeavor to prepare future school librarians who are up to this task. The importance of strong educational research that informs practice, a continued connection with school librarians and the issues they face in today’s schools, and an eye toward the future – identifying the skills that school librarians will need to develop to continue as educational leaders; these are the conversations I will foster if elected to this position.

ESLS Candidates for Representative to the AASL Board of Directors

Maria Cahill

As the ESLS Representative to the AASL Board of Directors, I look forward to the opportunity to work with passionate and enthusiastic school library leaders of AASL.

Recently, I have studied and written about evidence based practice in the school library context. I understand the necessity of a school librarian being strategic about planning, collecting and analyzing data, evaluating practice, and communicating success. As well, I recognize the importance of librarians being open to opportunities and the significance of an upbeat approach to service, teaching, present circumstances, and future change. I believe a school librarian who can master and balance both the art and science of librarianship is a valuable commodity indeed!

As an educator of school librarians, I work to prepare each candidate to be a librarian who “provides personalized learning environments, and offers equitable access to resources to ensure a well-rounded education for every student;” as an ESLS Representative to the AASL Board of Directors, I will work to facilitate communication between leaders of AASL and those educating future leaders of the organization.

April Dawkins

If elected as Educators for School Librarians Section Representative to the Board of Directors of AASL, I will use this position to support the new AASL position statement on effective school library programs. As the ESLS representative to the board, I hope to support school library preparation programs as they assist future school librarians as they become effective leaders, integrators of technology and literacy, and instructional collaborators. One essential task in supporting this position statement is to advocate for the inclusion of professional school librarians in every school. This requires that we all develop the skills to communicate with key stakeholders within our local and state communities about the important contributions that school librarians make to student success.

I see my role as the ESLS representative to the board to be multi-faceted: providing communication between the Educators of School Librarians Section and the leadership of AASL, developing and supporting the implementation of the new AASL Standards for Students and School Library Preparation Programs, and advocating for school libraries and school librarians at all levels.

Thank you and please take the time to vote during the election!

Meet the Other AASL Candidates:


Author: Leslie Preddy, Leadership Development Committee Chair and 2016-2017 AASL Past President

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