4 Words Can Change Your Whole Day

You gotta love Facebook. Really. From the ridiculous to the sublime and all the variations in between – and I’m totally ignoring the horrible or otherwise negative here – there are moments we can savor together.

Early in the fall, someone in my FB feed asked teachers to post the 4-word statements they’ve heard from students that made them smile.

For a great new year beginning… let’s remind ourselves that we really do have those wonderful moments when things just go right. Here, in 4 words are some of those responses. (Remember creative constraints!?)

Happy New Year, everyone!

Spoken to a math teacher on the way out the door: math is really cool.

When the bell rings: Class is over already?
“I’m not a mom and this one melted my heart”: You’re like my mom.
This feels like home! (noted: in a happy voice)
I love this class!
You’re my favorite teacher. (It came with a hug.)

After a long slog through the depths of our favorite subject we can sometimes see the light turn on:
I understand it now!

I finally get it!
I get it now!

And then there are those days when we can always look forward to this famous (but far too infrequent) note: Today’s staff meeting cancelled.

On our open campus for seniors, teachers love hearing these words: I’ll bring you coffee.

Usually spoken after something fun or at Open House: I LOVE this class!
Then again at Open House, a returning student says: I MISS this classroom!

Another wonderful a-ha!: I remembered my homework!

I have 105.4% in your class. (Proud math teacher)
I love you, teacher. (Said the lower grade elementary teacher)
What do you mean? (Said the junior high student – for the umpteenth time)

We’re always ready for:
School’s out for summer.
Friday is a holiday.
Thanksgiving vacation coming soon.

You know this student who says this casually on the way out of class: Thanks for being interesting.

And the librarian’s favorite: I loved this book
…and another: I want to read more
..and another: What’s new to read?

..and as said by a parent You. Change. The. World.

Author: Connie Williams

NBCTeacher Librarian and author of “Understanding Government Information: a Teaching Strategy Toolkit for grades 7-12”. Member of the CA State Library Services Board, and History Room Librarian at the Petaluma Regional Library [Sonoma County Library]. She welcomes all conversation.. give a holler!

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