School Librarians Team Together

Celebrate all month—or pick a day or a week—whatever your schedule allows. This calendar of activity ideas, author and ambassador quotes, and professional development links will help you along the way.

Suggested Daily Activity
Team together with two or more school librarian colleagues to develop several “make and take” ideas that can then be used in each individual school library.

Suggested Activities by Grade

  • Elementary: Implement an estimation station by using a jar filled with M&M’s or similar objects.
  • Middle & High: Bring back games by implementing a puzzle center where students work on an ongoing basis to complete a puzzle.

Professional Development Link of the Day
It’s always nice to get new ideas!  Take a tour of these library blogs and see how you might spruce up your library website or blog:

Author/Ambassador Quote
School libraries transform learning by offering practically infinite opportunities for new interests, perspectives, imagination, and understanding, all just right down the hall. I used mine as a sanctuary, too. Students have a new teacher every grade, but school librarians foster an individualized love of stories over years. ~Kim Baker, author of Pickle


Author: Suzanne Dix, AASL #slm16 Chair

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