Be Poetic In Your School Library

Celebrate all month—or pick a day or a week—whatever your schedule allows. This calendar of activity ideas, author and ambassador quotes, and professional development links will help you along the way.

Suggested Daily Activity
April is also National Poetry Month. Ask teachers for their favorite poems and create a guessing game. Which teacher loves which poem? Or, post excerpts from famous poems. Which poet wrote which poem?

Suggested Activities by Grade
All levels:

  • Use pages from discarded books and let kids make blackout poetry.  Or use excerpts from books and have students create found poetry.

Professional Development Link of the Day
DIY Technology PD: Are you staying current? Do you need some new digital tools? This week, try one new thing!

Author/Ambassador Quote
School libraries/librarians have the great potential to transform learning in young people if they remember to deploy the power of stories through books. Books embed the human experience throughout all time. After all, story is connecting us to humanity. If we want to know what it was like to be someone else in another time and experience their situation we can only go there adequately through the story landscape. If we are brave, curious and daring enough to open a book, allowing it to change our fixed stars into the elegant and ever changing dance of a diverse limitless universe of the collective human soul. ~Will Hillenbrand, children’s book author of A Bear and Mole series


Author: Suzanne Dix, AASL #slm16 Chair

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