Tally It Up During School Library Month

Celebrate all month—or pick a day or a week—whatever your schedule allows. This calendar of activity ideas, author and ambassador quotes, and professional development links will help you along the way.

Suggested Daily Activity
Title Tally: Select three popular book titles and place these books on display in your library. Have students add to a jar (with a penny, stone, bead, candy, etc.) for each book that they have read. After a period of time, see which book title gets the most tallies. Make an announcement over the loudspeaker regarding the book that has been read the most at your school. Create a community of readers!

Suggested Activities by Grade

  • Elementary: Have students create a series of text messages from a favorite character in a book. Here is just one  of many available templates.
  • Middle & High: Have students explore book recommendation websites like Teen Reads and recommend books for the library.

Professional Development Link of the Day
Check out this great Pinterest board “Teacher Librarian” and get inspired to create a new board yourself!

Author/Ambassador Quote
The library was the one place in school I could have complete independence. I would explore the stacks for whatever caught my eye that day, or simply sit in a chair and draw. Pretty much what I do in my local library now, but without the naps. ~Bob Shea, author of Dinosaur Vs. series


Author: Suzanne Dix, AASL #slm16 Chair

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