AASL Launches Survey to Inform New Learning Standards & Program Guidelines

In preparation for the upcoming review and revision of its learning standards and program guidelines, the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) has launched an online survey to assess attitudes and perceptions about the current AASL standards and guidelines documents. Open until Sept. 18, 2015, the survey can be accessed at http://bit.ly/1EZrlop.

“The AASL learning standards and program guidelines are at the core of who we are and what we do in order to meet the needs of the populations we serve,” said AASL President Leslie Preddy. “Learning standards help ensure the highest level of teaching and learning. Program guidelines lead us as a profession toward exemplary library programs. Only by working together, only with your help, can we align the rewrite of the standards and guidelines with the needs of our country’s diverse populations. It is imperative for you to contribute your expertise and perspective to the process. Thank you in advance for your contributions and for using your professional learning networks to spread the word.”

For the first time in decades, AASL will be using a multi-layered survey, data and research approach to revise and rewrite its learning standards and program guidelines. Open to all school library professionals, the survey is the most inclusive phase of the research process and an opportunity for all members of the school library community to share information that will influence the development of their professional standards. Topics covered in the 20-minute survey include content, usability and implementation.

Survey responses are confidential and will determine key areas for subsequent focus group research, which will occur at the AASL 17th National Conference & Exhibition and at various state conferences. The Standards and Guidelines editorial board will review the data collected and AASL will share a research summary report combining the findings from both the online survey and focus groups in September 2016. More information about the revision process can be found at www.ala.org/aasl/standards-revision.

Author: Jen Habley

Jen Habley is the AASL Manager of Web Communications. She manages the AASL websites, writes press releases, coordinates AASL’s online learning opportunities, and oversees AASL’s web 2.0 tools. When not working, Jen spends time researching her family tree, reading, and watching hockey.

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  1. This was so uncalled for to put the word “naughty” on the survey. This is so unprofessional and really not necessary. I have such the upmost respect for all the hard working school librarians who work so hard day in and day out. Shame on you for including this on the survey.

  2. mm

    Thanks for calling this to our attention. We appreciate the remarkable number of people who are taking the time to fill out this survey and provide input so essential to this process. Regrettably, the “naughty” word appeared due to vendor oversight and I apologize that the inclusion led to the posted comment. The term was on an original list that resulted from the research company review of resources used to develop the questionnaire. The terminology is in popular culture and was included as one of many descriptor words on the list. The Standards & Guidelines Editorial Board agreed during the course of an extensive review with the vendor of the entire survey that the word was one that should be removed. The vendor responded immediately when instructed today to remove it. The survey no longer includes this descriptor.

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