For the Record | AASL Treasurer’s Report – ALA Annual 2016

Robbie Nickel | Sage Elementary School (NV) AASL Treasurer, 2014-2017

Robbie Nickel | Sage Elementary School (NV)
AASL Treasurer, 2014-2017

As your treasurer, this is one of my opportunities to share with you the financial picture of the American Association to School Librarians. The AASL Board keeps in mind the AASL Strategic Plan and how the association’s budget and its activities fit into these strategic goals: association relevance, membership development, and association governance and leadership. At the ALA Annual Conference in Orlando, the AASL Board reviewed the status of the 2016 budget, which is on track with projections. Facts about the 2016 budget can be found in the 2016 Virtual Membership Meeting. The 2017 AASL budget was also approved at the conference. As always, the AASL Board of Directors and the AASL staff work hard to keep expenses and revenues in line.

Strategic initiatives supported by the budget help to move the association forward. While the 2015 National Conference was successful, AASL will host a non-conference year institute this September. Co-sponsored with the ALA Games and Gaming Round Table, GAME | Gaming As Meaningful Education provides school librarians an innovative learning workshop and intimate networking activities while offering an opportunity for AASL to collaborate with another ALA group.

AASL held a CLASS Summit to help move AASL’s research agenda forward. Based on its success, the AASL Board approved instituting the Community of Scholars group and placing it under the aegis of the Educators of School Librarians Section (ESLS). AASL is right on track with its project plan to revise and remodel the learning standards and program guidelines. The editorial board just concluded its research phase and is actively writing manuscript pages. Research results will be shared this fall 2017, and the new standards publication is on track to publish prior to the national conference in 2017.

Membership count was down slightly. AASL is addressing this through a student bridge scholarship fund that supports those new to the profession by “bridging” the cost increase in dues as they transition to regular membership during the first three years of their school library career. Additionally, AASL offers the Share the Wealth program. For each new member you recruit, your name will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a complimentary year of AASL membership and the grand prize drawing of an AASL 18th National Conference & Exhibition package (registration, airfare, and hotel accommodations) taking place in Phoenix, Arizona, in November 2017.

All in all, your treasurer, the AASL Board, and staff are working to continue to grow and develop initiatives that embody the organization’s mission to ”empowers leaders to transform teaching and learning.”


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