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Digital badges have become a common way of earning and sharing micro-credentials demonstrating professional development accomplishments and proficiencies. For the AASL 2019 conference, the organizers are delighted to introduce earnable digital badges. There are 19 badge options in all. You can earn just one, a few, or set your goals high, and complete more than a dozen badge challenges. The badge requirements include a mix of both fun and more serious activities. There are also a few specialized badges are for specific groups, but most of the badges can be earned by any conference attendee. 

Those who aren’t able to attend the conference in person, but plan to follow along via social media, can earn badges, as well. Six of the badges can be earned by virtual conference attendees, and there is even a special #NOTatAASL badge! The conference will also support a #NOTatAASL participant community with virtual activities and challenges. Stand by for an upcoming KQ blog post with details about following the conference as a virtual attendee. 

To learn about how our digital badges work, be sure to watch my recorded webinar at http://bit.ly/AASL19badgewebinar. Then, visit badgelist.com/aasl19 to see the criteria for each of the #AASL19 conference badges, sign up as a learner for each one you want to earn, and then submit your evidence of accomplishments. Here is a short summary of each of the badges:


AASL 2019 Badges

Note: The majority of these badges are suitable only for live attendees at the conference, but badges marked with an asterisk (*) can be earned by both virtual conference attendees and in-person attendees.


Attendance: I’m registered for AASL19 and can share some things I hope to learn or accomplish during the conference.






Conference promoter*: I am attending AASL19, and I shared social media posts to promote the conference.






Volunteer*: I am helping AASL19 to be even more amazing by volunteering.






Keynote: I attended one or more of the AASL19 keynotes and can share some takeaways.






Social Media Maven*: I shared on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook groups, and/or other social media platforms during the conference.






Exhibits: I visited the exhibits and can share what I learned from exhibitors.






Photographer: I took and shared photos of what’s happening at the conference!






Concurrent sessions: I got valuable takeaways I can share from several concurrent sessions or workshops.






Standards*: I gained valuable learning I can share about AASL standards during the conference.






NotatAASL*: I couldn’t attend AASL in person, but I am participating in the #NOTatAASL community and gaining valuable learning I can share as a virtual attendee.






Implementor*: I’m an implementor! I can share both short-term and long-term implementation plans based on conference takeaways. 






Authors/Illustrators: I got to hear and engage with authors and illustrators at the AASL19 conference!






Blogger: I wrote and published a blog post about the conference.






I <3 Louisville: I spent some time exploring and enjoying the AASL19 conference city.






Administrator: I am an admin who attended the AASL19 conference with 1 or more of my librarians and I can share how we benefited.






Me & My Admin: My admin attended the AASL19 conference with me, and I can share how we benefited.






Awesome State Affiliate: I participated with my state affiliate in activities during the AASL19 conference.






EDI Mentor: I participated in the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion program during the AASL19 Conference as a mentor, and can share some of how I benefited. 

Graphic coming soon!

EDI Mentee: I participated in the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion program during the AASL19 Conference as a mentee, and can share some of how I benefited. 

Graphic coming soon!

Presenter: I’m presenting at #AASL19! This badge is not administered through the Badgelist site. Presenters should visit the conference website to download the badge graphic. 


Once you earn one (or more) badges, be sure to share them on social media and as part of your email signature, website, and/or blog. Be sure to tag your posts with #AASL19 so both the conference and virtual attendees can follow your learning. 



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