Advice to New Librarians – Part II

As many schools get ready to start a new year, a whole new set of librarians will start–for the first time. This can be exciting and scary!  

Last year, I posted Advice to New Librarians with suggestions for starting the school year. I would give the same advice as last year with a few more additions.

Build Relationships: Get to know the building community.

Dive into Content: Study the curriculum.

Be Patient: Remember, it takes time to build relationships.

Enjoy the Transition: No longer in a single classroom, enjoy the flexibility of new content, grade levels, and an open space. 

Ask Questions: Utilize the library community on Twitter, Facebook, and other resources.


Weeding: Even though something looks unusual or unnecessary in the library, keep it for the school year. There may be a teacher who uses that particular item for a unit or a parent donated an item that needs to remain in the library. 

Communicate: Create a welcome newsletter or bookmark for staff. Introduce yourself at the first staff meeting. Get to know other new teachers in the building–you can become a great resource for them.  

Think Long Term: When you set goals for the library, think in terms of three years. Where do you want to be in three years? What do you hope for the library? Set up a meeting with your building principal to ask about their vision and needs for the school community.

Be Patient: I know, I mentioned this before, but building relationships and creating an inviting space takes time. Be patient with this process. 

See the earlier post with Advice to New Librarians for additional tips.  

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