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AASL_GOTV_KQ-MeetTheCandidatesThe 2015 ALA/AASL Election is quickly approaching. As many were not able to attend the AASL Candidates Forum at Midwinter, we wanted to use this public forum as an opportunity to introduce the candidates running for AASL offices. Each candidate was given the opportunity to respond to this question: If elected, what will you do to advance AASL’s new mission to empower leaders to transform teaching and learning? Read their responses and vote beginning March 24.

Becky Johnson, Candidate for Region 3 Director
Linda Weatherspoon, Candidate for Region 3 Director

Today we hear from:

Linda Weatherspoon, Candidate for Region 3 Director
When elected as Region 3 Director, my focus will be on the flow of information so all stakeholders have access to tools which will help empower them to become leaders to transform teaching and learning. Leaders must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently so they can share these tools for changes to take place.

What are some of these tools that need to be shared with our members? One is high quality professional development opportunities. AASL offers a variety of professional development platforms for our membership. AASL leadership needs to continue to promote and inform our colleagues of these. Professional development is pivotal in creating an atmosphere where transforming learning and teaching can thrive.

A second tool is staying current in regard to best practices and research on effective professional learning. Here too, AASL provides links to research and best practices. We must, however, be constantly communicating with our regions, states and local affiliates to inform them of these quality resources.

A third tool is to continue to improve the outreach and positive collaboration with all those in our learning communities. Online communities that connect our members with each other can provide access to human and information resources that may not be available locally. One such community can be found at Lindaz LibrarySpot, my Facebook page.

As Director of Region 3, disseminating information in a timely manner will be my focus. I will strive to keep members updated on a regular basis about the tools, resources and links to information that can advance AASL’s new mission to empower leaders to transform teaching and learning. As members, we all need to participate in transforming teaching and learning and that can include exercising your right to vote. Please vote Linda Weatherspoon for Director of Region 3.

Author: Susi Grissom

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