April Is School Library Month

School Library Month has its humble beginnings in 1985 on the steps of Capitol Hill. Since then, each April school libraries across the country use this month to really shake the bushes and advocate for their school library programs. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, right? Read more about the history of #SLM.

This year’s theme? Because School Libraries Empower Students

Well, we all have different budgets and demands of our time…so how can school librarians decide how to highlight #SLM17?

Some really easy ways…

Have a little more time?

Honestly, the ideas are endless. You are only limited by your space and time. Do you have some ideas on how to celebrate #SLM17? Add them in the comments below!


Author: Sedley Abercrombie

Sedley Abercrombie is the district digital learning and library media programs specialist for Davidson County Schools in North Carolina, an NCSLMA executive board member, and an adjunct instructor at East Carolina University.

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