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  • Sketchnoting in the Library

    Sketchnotes, visual note taking, allows students to creatively demonstrate their thinking and learning. Through this visual note-taking style, students can add text, icons, and drawings in a creative manner. To sketchnote, students can live sketch or post sketch. Live Sketching:… Read More ›

  • Reflecting with Google Forms and Sheets

    During the winter months, I start reflecting on the current year and the needs for the upcoming school year for the library. I notice patterns in requests from students, analyze the subject areas in the library and the types of collaborative… Read More ›

  • Giving Students Choice


    When collaborating with teachers, we typically have the end goal in mind. Will this be a Google Slides project, a video using iMovie, a research paper? Students typically ask, “How long does this need to be? How many slides do… Read More ›

  • Embed Codes and Library Web Sites

    Not only it is important to have a web presence for your library, it is also important to provide embedded resources for students to access. It removes the amount of clicks to reach a desired location–a video, link, document, and more…. Read More ›

  • Participate with Twitter Chats

    If you are an avid Twitter user or just a casual follower of other Twitter accounts, Twitter chats can be a great way to engage with other professionals. Typically, these chats are scheduled throughout the week – mostly in the evening to… Read More ›

  • Save Time with Social Media Tools

    Time! Who needs more time? Yes, me, too. I have a great tool for you! Although the website does not provide more time (sigh), it may save time by allowing us to dive deeper into promoting our library with a… Read More ›

  • Share Your Story

    Are you using social media to promote your library?Yes: Excellent. See below for examples and ideas from other libraries. Not yet: Great news! There are many tools you can choose or use them all! Social media allows us to tell our library… Read More ›

  • Advice to New Librarians

    As the school year begins, some of you may be starting as a school librarian for the first time. With my position, I am able to work with new school librarians in my district. Whether the librarians have just a… Read More ›

  • Attend a Conference in Pajamas

    During the summer months, educators often take time away to reflect and re-engerize for the fall.  At first, summer plans are high on our list, but often our minds wander to the upcoming school year remembering things to change or… Read More ›