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Julie Stivers is the librarian at Mount Vernon Middle School, an alternative public school in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is the author of the Shared Foundation: Include. Her work has been published in Knowledge Quest, School Libraries Worldwide, School Library Journal, and YALS, and she was named a 2019 Library Journal Mover & Shaker. She worked alongside her ALA Emerging Leaders group to create Defending Intellectual Freedom: LGBTQ+ Materials in School Libraries. Her research and practical interests include culturally sustaining pedagogy, building inclusive library spaces, and exploring the power of manga and anime with her students.

  • The Way Forward with Include

    The Way Forward with Include BY JULIE STIVERS The Shared Foundation Include is at the heart of an effective school library practice, not as a buzzword or feel-good mantra, but as the muscle that should power everything we do. Include… Read More ›

  • Being Professionally Lonesome…Together

    Being a school librarian can sometimes feel lonely. To the outside ear, that may seem ridiculous. After all, we’re surrounded by our amazing students, collaborating teachers, school administrators, and perhaps also parent volunteers, district personnel, or community contacts. Does anyone… Read More ›