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  • College Resources in the Library

    One of my favorite parts of working in a high school library is helping students figure out what they want to do with their lives–what do they want to be, where do they want to go to college, or, if… Read More ›

  • Little Libraries

    As school librarians we are constantly giving book recommendations; in fact once I’ve read an incredible book I can hardly wait to tell everyone I know about it and put it in their hands too! However, there have been times… Read More ›

  • Authors to Grow With

    One of our goals as school librarians is to create lifelong readers and by extension lifelong learners. There are many ways to instill and inspire a love of reading in a child. Think back to when you were young; who… Read More ›

  • YA: To Label or Not to Label?

    Last year a book was pulled from middle and high schools, after a parent of a 6th grader complained about the “vulgar” language within the book. The book, which is authentically relevant to the current climate of our country, a… Read More ›

  • Personal Book Shopping

    This year in our high school library we initiated a personal book shopping service with the goal to appeal to students who don’t have time to browse the library due to their packed class schedules, students who may be too… Read More ›