#BetterTogether: Creating Content and Communities

The community of school librarians is a community like no other. The PLN opportunities are endless and consuming information from our PLN is the most valuable part! What do you find yourself consuming from your PLN? Podcasts? Webinars? Wakelets? Or better yet, what content is missing from your PLN?

In their #BetterTogether session, Amy Hermon and Amanda Jones shared how the missing content drove their content creation and spaces for sharing resources that are valuable to their PLN. According to Amanda, “we all have something to say,” and content creation is our opportunity to give back and share out knowledge regarding our programs, library spaces, or passions.

What content is missing that can help fill a void within your own PLN? Creating and sharing content means that you are acting in response to a topic or lack of information surrounding a topic. Also, by creating and publishing content, whether that be webinars or podcasts, you are breaking barriers to access that others may face. Unfortunately, not everyone can travel to that conference you want to present at! Now everyone can view or listen to your content on their own time! You will also reach a wider audience when you aren’t faced with geographical challenges of traveling for a conference or meeting in-person—not to mention the community you building or contributing to within our profession! We are truly #BetterTogether—how can you build up your community? What is missing that you can add to the conversation?

Looking for resources about content creation? Check out these resources!

School Librarians United

Amanda Jones, Defender of Wonder Presentations


Author: Ashley Sherman

Ashley is an K-5 elementary school media specialist in Acworth, GA. Ashley has been an elementary school media specialist for nine years. She was the 2020 Georgia Library Media Association School Librarian of the year.

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