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Unite Against Book Bans Announces a FREE Book Résumé Resource

Across the country, school librarians have been on the intellectual freedom frontlines defending access to books, building understanding about policies and library procedures, and dispelling misinformation. As they navigate these challenging times, school librarians continue to collaborate with teachers, engage learners in lessons spanning from STEM, digital citizenship, research, literacy, and more, and take the lead on their campuses.

Navigating Book Challenges

When book challenges arise, librarians have specific steps to follow per local policy guidelines.These steps may include collecting book reviews, researching whether the titles under review are on award or state lists, and seeking out any information that may shed light on the author’s purpose for writing their book. While a vital role in a school librarian’s responsibilities, it is a time-consuming process and takes school librarians away from instructional preparation, planning, collaboration with teachers, and direct work with students. This is especially difficult when multiple book challenges are submitted at one time.

Unite Against Book Bans (UABB) Initiative

In collaboration with the publishing community, Unite Against Book Bans (UABB) has unveiled a valuable resource for the community. A collection of book résumés can be accessed at UABB’s goal is to support librarians, educators, parents, students, and community advocates in efforts to keep frequently challenged books on shelves.

Key Highlights 

The Book Résumés project is a FREE resource. Upon review, you will find titles include book summaries along with author, illustrator, publisher information, and format along with age and grade ranges. There are also curated book reviews from the various professional review publications as well as award and notable book list information. Some book resumes feature an author statement, media resources and responses to book challenges in various parts of the country. Finally, there’s a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page to learn about the purpose of the book resume project, why they are needed and what users can do if they need help for a title not listed.

Next Steps

Be sure to bookmark the UABB Book Résumé link and make time to explore and review the extensive resources available for free. Share this information widely within your local, state and community circles of influence and check back every 4-8 weeks as additional book resumes will be posted.

Also, don’t forget to join the Unite Against Book Bans campaign to stay up to date on what’s happening in your community. Over and over again, we’ve seen success in overcoming censorship attempts when a community comes together at the local level. By joining UABB, participants will be connected and mobilized as needed.

Final Thoughts

Deborah Caldwell Stone, American Library Association (ALA) Director of the Office for Intellectual Freedom perfectly summed up the importance of this repository in an  ALA press release:  “Unite Against Book Bans partners recognized a need for easy-to-access free resources for the many librarians, educators, and community advocates, who are working so hard to ensure that readers can always access an inclusive, diverse collection of books. The work they’re doing — defending the freedom to read — is difficult and hard, and we want to make the task of gathering the information needed to do that easier. We want to thank the publishers, library workers, and volunteers whose investment of time and talent made the creation of this important resource possible.” On behalf of anyone who will use any of these helpful resources, THANK YOU!!


Author: Becky Calzada, AASL President-Elect

Becky Calzada is the District Library Coordinator in Leander, Texas, the 24/25 AASL President-Elect and a co-founding member of Texas #FReadom Fighters. She was selected for the 4th ALA Policy Corp Cohort, works as a member of the ALA Policy Corp Proactive Advocacy on Book Banning cadre, is a member of the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee, on the Legislative Committee for the Texas Library Association, and Past Chair for the Texas Association of School Librarians. She is the recipient of several intellectual freedom awards and was honored by People Magazine in their 2023 Women Changing the World portfolio.

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