You too can host an author/illustrator visit! Part 4 of 4

By Schenell Agee

This is the final post of the series.

Part 4 – Confirmation

Before they arrive

To track your progress consider preparing a checklist of jobs for individuals or groups to complete with timestamps. Use a checklist to avoid forgetting important details:

  • Ensure your venue is free (i.e. testing and other school related events have not been scheduled)
  • Confirm travel arrangements/ Lodging
  • Dinner/ Lunch meals
  • Order Books to pre-sale and same day sales
  • Contact local paper/division and school publicity

    Author/Illustrator Floyd Cooper

  • Guest equipment needed, i.e butcher block paper, markers, etc.
  • Work with bookkeeper to ensure your guest is paid on the day they conduct the presentation
  • Request posters, and any other book related items to display from publisher
  • Display author/illustrator books
  • Get permission to take photographs
  • Invite a student from a journalism or school photography class/ club to take photos of the author and the audience.

Day of the visit:

  • Test equipment
  • Author/illustrator and teachers have copies of schedule to ensure punctuality
  • Be sure your administration makes time in their schedule to see a presentation and say hello and thank them for coming.
  • Provide snacks, hard candy and water, especially if hosting an all-day event.
  • Have their honorarium ready
  • As a parting gift always provided a school memento; ours was a school coffee mug.

When asked is this event worth it? There is no doubt, when framed right, this can be a very memorable experience for everyone, but especially your students.  If you need more convening, checkout Jarrett J. Krosoczka: How a boy became an artist | TED Talk.

Good Luck and feel free to share your author/illustrator adventures with me at !


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