The Capstone Project

The School Librarian’s Role in the Capstone Project: 5 Ws and H of the Capstone Project. WHY? With the current generation the number one question when we introduce the capstone project is “WHY?”  “Why do we have to do this?”  When… Read More ›

A New Year, A New Library

As 2016 dawns, I am experiencing a new library for my students.  Yes, the books and technology are still the same, but the goals are different. This year, I will be tackling new library development projects with a renewed vigor…. Read More ›

The Winter of Our Discontent

One of my great pleasures in working with preservice teacher librarians is getting caught up in their new-found passion and zeal for the profession.  Their joy can be so infectious it always reaffirms why I loved working in a K-12… Read More ›