A New Year, A New Library

As 2016 dawns, I am experiencing a new library for my students.  Yes, the books and technology are still the same, but the goals are different. This year, I will be tackling new library development projects with a renewed vigor…. Read More ›

The Winter of Our Discontent

One of my great pleasures in working with preservice teacher librarians is getting caught up in their new-found passion and zeal for the profession.  Their joy can be so infectious it always reaffirms why I loved working in a K-12… Read More ›

Yes, Virginia

(Recently, The Charlotte Observer ran an article entitled, “Are School Librarians Going Way of the Milkman?”  The article reported that Principal Lauren Fowler at Nathaniel Alexander Elementary  had replaced her professional school librarian position  with a teaching assistant stating, “I think we get more…. Read More ›