Student Engagement/ Teaching Models

Digital Newspapers by Students

Tech expos are inspiring, especially when students are running the program. Last April, the Connecticut Legislative Office Building was lined with students of all ages passing out flyers, giving demonstrations, and answering questions about digital newspapers, electronic books, 3D printers, and other… Read More ›

Summer Reading Revamped

When my friend Rachee talks of summer reading, she’s talking about awesome programs, games, snacks, and prizes. When I talk of summer reading, I’m talking about that thing that most students will say ruins their summers. Like many schools, mine… Read More ›

Flipping In the Library

The Idea: The flipped classroom model has gained popularity over the past several years. It has students watch a lesson at home and then apply it at school.  This method allows students to do the practice and hands-on experiences in the… Read More ›