Student Engagement/ Teaching Models

The Polling Place

As the upcoming election approaches, our lives will be filled with news of polls and surveys about potential presidential candidates. We can bring the polls into our own lives by becoming instructional facilitators who use surveys and polls to help… Read More ›

The Medium is the Message

One of my students working as a provisionally licensed elementary school librarian recently complained that his principal had criticized him for allowing students to free read or read independently the last 10-15 minutes of one particular library class time. The… Read More ›

Love Your Library!

February is the month of love, and what a better time to promote loving your library in your school. In this post I’m going to give you practical ideas on how to gain favor and appreciation for your school library…. Read More ›

Who Is Doing the Work?

 About eight years ago, Colchester Public Schools began looking closely at who was doing the work in the classrooms. Were teachers doing the work, or were the students? Barbara Gilbert, Director of Curriculum for Colchester Public Schools, explained why considering… Read More ›