Student Engagement/ Teaching Models

Texas Teen Book Festival

In the Beginning Way back in 2009, Hill Country Middle School Librarian Heather Schubert had a dream. She wanted to gather together new and popular YA authors and connect them to their teen readership in Austin, Texas. She envisioned a… Read More ›

A new look at orientation

AASL Forum, LM_NET, and other librarian ListServs were rife with orientation ideas this year; and all those great ideas got me thinking about changing up my orientation lessons. My usual tack is to use a scavenger hunt that asks questions… Read More ›

Curation and Pathfinders

The Back-to-School Goal and the Conversation That Ensued At my school, we are having a long overdue conversation about types of  library materials and the organization of library materials (print versus electronic… Dewey or Don’t we, etc.). This conversation began… Read More ›