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The Polling Place

As the upcoming election approaches, our lives will be filled with news of polls and surveys about potential presidential candidates. We can bring the polls into our own lives by becoming instructional facilitators who use surveys and polls to help… Read More ›

How We Define Makerspaces

On March 14, 2016, I moderated #TLchat along with Melissa Ray. Our topic focused on bringing makerspaces and creativity into the library. Check out the full transcript of the chat – there were some amazing ideas and resources being passed… Read More ›

EdCamp Boston 2016

Can you imagine walking out of a professional development session that has no relevance to your learning only to join another session that may help you grow as an educator? That’s what we were expected to do at EdCamp Boston… Read More ›

More on Advocacy

Every week, it seems, we hear about another school administrator or School Board making decisions about the staffing of their school libraries. Librarians have been on the radar of those decisions for far too many years. California, the bottom of… Read More ›


by Devona Pendergrass Spring–The time of year when young men’s thoughts turn to fancy and school librarians thoughts turn to the dreaded end of the year inventory.  Inventory is defined as the on-going process of comparing your library holdings to… Read More ›

The Medium is the Message

One of my students working as a provisionally licensed elementary school librarian recently complained that his principal had criticized him for allowing students to free read or read independently the last 10-15 minutes of one particular library class time. The… Read More ›