AASL National Conference & Exhibiton

What to See, Do, and Eat in Columbus!

Columbus, the capital of Ohio, has blossomed into a food lover’s destination with “serious cocktails and microbrews, pastries worthy of Paris, fantastical ice cream flavors, and extraordinary food shopping,” according to Jane Black, former staff writer for the Washington Post… Read More ›

I scream, you scream….

Some of you are probably wondering what ice cream has to do with AASL 2015? Ice cream and libraries have a lot in common. Ice cream makes me think of my first job as a “super scooper” at Baskin Robbins…I… Read More ›

AASL Share the Wealth!

I love librarians! We bounce ideas off each other, share our struggles, and celebrate our successes. So I want to give a big thank you to the generous librarian who was the original winner of AASL’s Share the Wealth Campaign,… Read More ›