Supervisor’s Corner


by Kerry Townsend As a researcher and professional, I am interested in learning how teens construct reality during/after interacting with media. This spring I had the really cool opportunity to work with select students and teachers attending the True/False Documentary… Read More ›

Can You Feel the Love?

By Dedra Van Gelder It’s Library Lovers’ Month–time to spread the love and passion we have for libraries and the folks who work in them. Goodness knows we can probably all use a little extra right now. It is easy… Read More ›

Are You a Future Ready Librarian?

by Joanna Gerakios Has the saying “future ready” been bounced around in your professional circles recently? Does this term have special meaning for us as school librarians? As I initially began hearing “future ready” used in professional conversations, it seemed… Read More ›


by Devona Pendergrass Spring–The time of year when young men’s thoughts turn to fancy and school librarians thoughts turn to the dreaded end of the year inventory.  Inventory is defined as the on-going process of comparing your library holdings to… Read More ›

Celebrate School Library Month

Your library supervisor or school administrator asks what you are doing to celebrate School Library Month. Panic immediately sets in – you have never heard of this. What should you do? Remain calm and read on. What “School Library Month… Read More ›

Diversity, Religious Liberty, and December

by Mary Keeling Educators  face perplexing issues of religious diversity all year, but especially in December. English Language Learners refused water during a heat wave. They were fasting for Ramadan. Second graders said Emma couldn’t borrow The Night before Christmas because… Read More ›