Recognizing School Librarians in April and All Year Long

red, blue, and yellow helium balloons on a stringSchool Library Monthred, blue, and yellow helium balloons on a string

April is one of my favorite months. My mom was born in April. April showers bring May flowers. Spring is in full swing and the winter blahs are being chased away by the promise of warmer weather, blooming flowers, and summer approaching. That’s  why I think it’s awesome that April is also School Library Month. While we should highlight our work and dedication all year long in the school library field, it’s nice to have a month dedicated to all we do in our profession.

As the specialist for school libraries for my district, I recognize that my role is to support the school librarians that are in our buildings. After all, they are the professionals that interact daily with our students and teachers and make our libraries run so well. With that thought in mind, this top 10 list of reasons to acknowledge school libraries and school librarians is dedicated to the amazing librarians of Calvert County Public Schools. Some of these top 10 celebrations are intended as a humorous look into the school library, and others are all too important and serious. This list is dedicated to every amazing school librarian who brings their knowledge, expertise, and experience into the best learning environment in the building. 

Top 10 Reasons to Recognize School Library Month and School Librarians

red, blue, and yellow helium balloons on a stringTEN!

School librarians are information experts. If they don’t know the answer, they know how to find it. Because they understand how to search, search laterally, and access the accurate, curate, and authoritative resources, they can save time and frustration. I like to think of them as the gurus of all things information.

red, blue, and yellow helium balloons on a stringNINE!

School librarians are inherently helpful. They help match books with students and collaborate with teachers. They are willing to lend a hand however needed. I’ve witnessed school librarians tying shoes, zipping jackets, and stopping traffic on morning bus duty. I’ve seen school librarians taking tickets at sporting events and coaching the middle school volleyball teams and baseball teams in their “spare” time.

red, blue, and yellow helium balloons on a stringEIGHT!

School librarians have got game. The recent trend of card and tabletop gaming didn’t leave librarians behind. They went out and purchased Dungeons and Dragons, Risk, and other games so that students could spend time socializing and playing games in the library.

red, blue, and yellow helium balloons on a stringSEVEN!

School librarians are learners! Being a school librarian means always being willing to learn new things. This can be learning about trends in technology, learning to do a diversity audit, or learning a new computer program. The point is, we celebrate school librarians for being constant learners. There are constantly Twitter chats and Facebook conversations sharing learning and ideas. It’s a great community to belong to.

red, blue, and yellow helium balloons on a stringSIX!

School librarians are adventurous. They can take their classes to a whole new place in time and space by reading amazing books! They can explore countries and cultures using databases and web resources. A school librarian’s sense of adventure can inspire generations of students to learn to love reading. 

red, blue, and yellow helium balloons on a stringFIVE!

School librarians live on the edge. I’ll admit this one is a little gross. School librarians live on the edge when they are handed books to be checked in by students that look, well, shall we say, like they have seen better days? Snot, food, even a slice of cheese used as a bookmark have not stopped school librarians from doing what they do best and connecting kids with books. 

red, blue, and yellow helium balloons on a stringFOUR!

School librarians sing, dance, and do the cha-cha. This is one of my favorites. I’ve walked into libraries so many times over my career and witnessed the sheer joy of students giggling, wiggling, and dancing away. I’ve seen yoga books and mats available for checkout and recumbent exercise bikes available for students to read and pedal. Whether keeping kindergarten entertained, pulling out Go Noodle for a quick stretch, or checking out yoga books and mats, school librarians have some smooth moves.

red, blue, and yellow helium balloons on a stringTHREE! 

School librarians are devoted to equity and diversity. Every school librarian I know is committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for all students, faculty, and members of the school community. School librarians take great pride in finding books that represent students from all walks of life. School librarians design their spaces to invite students in, to make them welcome.  

red, blue, and yellow helium balloons on a stringTWO!

School librarians are technology experts. LCD projector won’t turn on? Get the school librarian. Laptop has a solid blue screen? School librarian to the rescue. Can’t access your e-mail? Ask the school librarian. Need a new way for the students to show what they know? Collaborate with a school librarian. You get the picture.  

So, what’s number one?

red, blue, and yellow helium balloons on a stringONE!

School librarians are the heart and soul of the school community. They are the defenders of intellectual freedom. They are literacy experts. There’s nothing further to be said.

So with that, my school librarian friends, let’s recognize our profession, our chosen career. Let’s do so with a smile on our faces, and an attitude that shows the world that school librarians MATTER! Keep being the rock stars that you are. Those of us lucky enough to work with you and to know you will continue to support you and believe in you. 

To Anne, Brandon, Casey, Chris, Crystal, Donna, Joe, Jo Ann, Kathleen, Khristi, Kristin, Lauren, Mark, Mary Brooke, Melaney, Monique, MariJoel, Peggy,  Rachael, Sally, Susan, and Theresa….you know that you matter! Thank you for all you do.

What are your top reasons to recognize school librarians? Share them in the comments below.


Author: Jennifer Sturge

Jennifer Sturge is a Specialist for School Libraries and Digital Learning for Calvert County Public Schools. She has been an educator and librarian for 28 years and is always looking forward. She is a member of ALA and AASL,was the 2020-2021 President of the Maryland Association of School Librarians for 2020-2021, a 2017-2018 Lilead Fellow, and Chair of the AASL Supervisor’s Section of AASL..

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