Collecting Feedback: Learning from and with Our Learners

Hello, my fellow school library colleagues! You know that moment when you give an assignment and then let the learners loose to work on it? Remember that feeling of wondering how they are going to create and learn? That excitement of when it is time to collect feedback and get a glimpse of the ideas brewing in the heads of our learners? (OK, yes, the nervousness, too, as you wonder if they actually understood the instruction you provided…) I love that moment when the possibilities are endless, and I know learning from and with my learners is about to take off!

This is where we are now with the National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries! AASL has presented the standards, provided instruction, and turned us all loose on interpreting and using them. Now it is time to collect some feedback—to see where we are, what we are doing, and what we might still need. We will soon be receiving an e-mail from AASL with a survey from KRC Research asking us to share our experiences with the AASL Standards and our learning. The surveys will be open from April 23 to May 8. AASL will use this information to adjust our implementation plan to address whatever current or remaining needs are discovered. For more information, check out the research plan and FAQ.

We all know our instruction, and by extension, our AASL Standards implementation reaches beyond the walls of our school library spaces. So, we would like to gather some data from our stakeholders about the changes the AASL Standards are bringing as well. I hope each of you will join me in sharing the link to the stakeholder version of the survey with your administrators and educator colleagues—all those we consider important stakeholders. We would like to discover our stakeholders’ knowledge of the AASL Standards and what implementation strategies may be needed to meet their needs as well.

And, while I have your attention and am building your excitement to participate in our survey, please remember to check out the AASL Standards web portal–the collection of materials there may inspire you to talk to a new colleague, share with a parent, or implement a new strategy. Just because the school year is wrapping up for many doesn’t mean we should stop learning and leading!

Our learners need feedback along the way to ensure they are on track to success. We, as learning leaders, also crave feedback to keep us moving forward. AASL seeks feedback to improve our delivery, reach appropriate stakeholders, understand perceptions, and overcome challenges regarding our standards. This is a wonderful time to come together as an organization and ensure that our resources work for us. Please take the time to answer all of the survey questions yourself and share with your colleagues and other stakeholders.

We anxiously, nervously, and excitedly await your survey answers!

Jennisen Lucas
Standards Committee Chair, 2018-2019

Author: Jennisen Lucas

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