Comfort in Simplicity

Supporting Students and Teachers in Remote Learning

As I write this post, I am working from home. I am thankful for health, yet disappointed that I am not at school in my Highland library. In a short time school librarians have provided countless resources to support our students and teachers with remote learning. The resources shared on platforms such as Knowledge Quest are so helpful. While navigating how to best meet the needs of my stakeholders, I came to the conclusion that there is comfort in simplicity.

At the beginning of the week, I created a Loom video for my students highlighting the resources already in place to support their learning. Ultimately, I wanted the video to be a comfort to the students. The message was simple: “I miss you and I am here to help you find the information and electronic resources you need while you are at home.” The video was a refresher for the students on the Symbaloo page that I created just for them.

I have used this method of curating and sharing resources with students and teachers for several years. The familiarity of the Symbaloo pages helps provide an extension of our school library at home. During the Loom video, which is linked to my website, I highlight some favorite websites. Additionally, I reminded the students about our district’s partnership with the public library system. From e-books to academic journals and all sorts of creative sites in between, our students have a wealth of resources at their fingertips. I even added a Yoga with Adriene YouTube link for the students and teachers to explore.

Symbaloo for Students


In North Carolina, our schools are officially closed through May 15. Our teachers have seven weeks of remote learning to conduct and I want them to know I am here to help. Now more than ever, I have committed to using my updated library website as the hub for resources.  I have reviewed and re-shared the Resources for Teachers Symbaloo page with the staff as well. Linking important remote learning resources from the state department of public instruction is helpful.

We are inundated with well-intentioned e-mails sharing websites and online learning platforms. I hope students and teachers will find comfort in the simplicity of the routine practices we have shared for quite some time.

I wish you all the best as you support your students and teachers across the country. Take care and stay healthy.


Author: Laura Long

Laura Long is the school library media specialist at Highland School of Technology in Gastonia, NC, a 2017 National Blue Ribbon School. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and her Masters of Library Science from East Carolina University. She is a Gaston County Schools’ Delta Fellow, Pinnacle Technology Leader and member of the Pioneering Educators Team, as well as a National Board certified language arts teacher. Additionally, she is the President of the North Carolina School Library Media Association. She loves collaborating and helping her students connect with others around the world, so feel free to contact her via email or social media.

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