Coming Soon To YOUR School Library!

Celebrate all month—or pick a day or a week—whatever your schedule allows. This calendar of activity ideas, author and ambassador quotes, and professional development links will help you along the way.

Suggested Daily Activity
Post author-made and/or student-made book trailers of popular books on a school library computer or on your school library website.

Suggested Activities by Grade

  • Elementary: Film students sharing their feelings about the school library.
  • Middle: Have students create commercials promoting the school library.
  • High: Have students create commercials about the school library’s makerspace or non-traditional ideas and programs.

Professional Development Link of the Day
Attend the free AASL webinar TV on a Dime: Creating a Library TV Studio. Many schools and districts don’t have the money to invest in a state-of-the art studio, so this webinar will focus on how to create a functional studio on a tight budget.

Author/Ambassador Quote
A great librarian and library are our best hope of creating new readers. And reading is a transformational force in students’ lives. Kids who read for pleasure are less likely to commit crimes, less likely to use illegal drugs, less likely to become pregnant as teenagers, healthier, and better at math (sources). All of which have massive benefits, not just in our schools, but to society as a whole.  ~Mike Mullin, author of the Ashfall Series


Author: Suzanne Dix, AASL #slm16 Chair

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