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One of the great things about being a school library coordinator is learning innovative ideas from librarians working in schools. And a recent share on our listserv–that had educators responding with compliments–was a digital book display created in Canva.

What a fantastic way to market books!

Using Tech Tools Like Canva

Educators have several tools to promote books digitally: the library and school website, Wakelet, Smore, embedded slideshares and videos, and a tool such as Canva. The nice thing about Canva is the versatility of the form. You can download the file as a PDF, image (png, jpg, gif), or a video. Resize the design to fit an infographic, Facebook post, or magazine cover. Download to a desktop app to view on multiple devices. (Canva for Educators gives us free access to premium features!) Online catalogs and platforms for print and e-books (from Destiny to Sora) have unique URLs for each title. So, locate the books you want to highlight for a particular theme, to support the curriculum, and/or to tap student interests and needs.

Make the Process Easy by Using a Template

Esther Keller, a school librarian working in Brooklyn, was kind enough to share a Canva she made for the scary season to promote books on Sora, Comics Plus, and Destiny:

The template is available here:

So, use this fun tool as a way to jumpstart your digital display of your library collection. Better yet, have your students create displays to share their booklists with their peers!


Author: Leanne Ellis

I am a School Library Coordinator for the New York City Department of Education’s Department of Library Services. I plan and deliver workshops, provide on-site instructional and program support to school librarians, coordinate programs, administer grants, and am program coordinator for MyLibraryNYC, a program administered with our three public library systems.

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