Elevating the School Library

Elevating the School Library: Building Positive Perceptions through Brand Behavior

“Like any enduring organization, school librarianship–if it is “built to last”–must also have this duality of core values and the commitment to adapt and grow.”

If you missed this session, you might want to buy the book. But you must order it online because the bookstore sold out on the first day! The session was not about creating a logo or tagline; it was a much bigger topic. Susan Ballard and Sara Kelly Johns, past presidents of AASL, spoke about the “school library industry” brand.

The session addressed why they bring the message, the difference between brand and brand behavior, and what we can learn from the business world. Ballard and Johns reference the world of User Experience, which I think we must look into—additionally, the theme of consistency of service and quality throughout the industry is explained using franchise examples. The speakers explain a leadership hierarchy from Jim Collins’ business leaders staple, Good to Great.

After the session, I am encouraged to work towards elevating the industry brand behavior, and I want to read more!

Here is the link if you were not one of the lucky ones to snag a copy at AASL 2023.

Elevating the School Library: Building Positive Perceptions through Brand Behavior” by Susan D. Ballard and Sara Kelly Johns

Read More:

Evaluating and Improving the School Library User Experience [KQ blog post about UX]

Preserve the Core/Stimulate Progress is a concept developed in the book Built to Last.

Little, Hannah Byrd. “A School Librarian’s Purpose.” Knowledge Quest, vol. 51, no. 1, Sept.-Oct. 2022, pp. 10+


Author: Hannah Byrd Little

Hello, I am the Library Director at The Webb School of Bell Buckle. I use my past experience in college and university libraries to help my current students in school libraries transition into college, career, and life. I am currently the lead Senior Class Adviser for the Capstone Project. I also served at the state level with the Tennessee Association of School Librarians executive board from 2009-2013 and was the TASL president in 2012. I am certified as a Library Information Specialist for PreK-12th grade, have a BS in Communications with a concentration in Advertising and Public Relations, a BS in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Education and Information Systems and a Masters in Library and Information Science.

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