End of the Year Report and Reflection

It’s that time of year — the time of year for usage reports and analysis of databases and collaborative projects. Each semester, we create a library usage report highlighting the activities in the school library. We know our administrators are busy people, so we make a quick infographic that they could easily read in a few minutes.

I feel like we are bragging in the report because it highlights positive information. My principal is already supportive of the work in the school library and how it impacts every student in the building. However, we send the report to not only our building’s administrative team but also to the district office administrators.

The report also helps as we reflect and set goals for the upcoming school year.


Upon reviewing the data for the past school year and creating our infographic for our administrators, here are the areas that will need work in the coming school year.

  1. In our second year of utilizing Noodletools for the research process, we have not determined systematic instruction for each grade level. With 9th-graders, we start from the beginning focusing on paraphrasing with the note cards and creating a works cited or bibliography. After 9th-grade, we instruct based on the needs of the lesson. In doing so, students may receive repeated instruction or students may miss instruction on certain pieces of the research process and Noodletools.

    I wonder…
    We are thinking about creating a spreadsheet of core classes like English language arts, science, math, and social studies and the areas of instruction of Noodletools. For example, a science teacher wanted to use Noodletools with her students but wasn’t sure what part of Noodletools was covered in other classes. Did students have accounts? Were they aware of how to paraphrase? Could they cite and print a bibliography formatted properly? We were able to communicate that verbally, but it would be nice to have data available to help us plan with teachers.
  2. We have struggled to create our flipped lessons and by struggled, I mean, we have not scheduled time. Often, our instruction occurs in the moment. However, with Canvas as the district’s learning management system, the videos would be helpful for students and staff.

    I wonder…
    We have extra days at the end and beginning of the year. Staff and students are gone during these times, which could provide a perfect opportunity to set aside time to record videos.

How do you deliver information to your administrators? What areas of reflection are similar or different than the reflections listed?

Report in Google Slides

Author: Becca Munson

Becca Munson, Librarian, is a National Board Certified Teacher with over 24 years of experience in education. Becca is the Coordinator for Library Systems in the Blue Valley School District. Previously, she was school librarian at Blue Valley West High School. She opened two buildings in Blue Valley and spent some time as an Ed Tech Specialist before returning to libraries. Becca supports over 45 librarians and support staff as they work to fulfill the mission of flexible scheduling, collaboration, and literacy.

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