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The Engage Shared Foundation of the AASL National School Library Standards states that it is to “demonstrate safe, legal, and ethical creating and sharing of knowledge products independently while engaging in a community of practice and an interconnected world.”

Oftentimes students, and teachers, search for photos and images to use, yet they don’t always check the copyright for the image. Engaging with rights-free images can be easy when using sites that host rights free images and photos.

UnsplashUnsplash is a great site for images to use in presentations and creations for students and teachers. The photographs are easy to search. They may be downloaded and used as is or modified. Crediting the photographer is not necessary, but welcome.

ViintageViintage is a catalog of vintage images. The images are public domain advertisements, travel posters, and retro designs. Movie posters are great to use to illustrate perspective and direction in graphic design.

PexelsPexels is another site students and teachers can use to locate and download rights-free images. The photographs are unbelievably beautiful and free to download. The images are sourced from multiple rights-free image sites and curated into Pexels.

Using rights-free image sites can help students personalize their learning and gather resources from information sites. Instructing and modeling the ethical use and reproduction of works helps students to realize the importance of checking for copyright policies when curating information, images, and resources.



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Library Media Specialist in Arkansas. Self-proclaimed geek. Lover of nature and music. Always learning.

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  1. I think we are all aware of the copyright isues with images. Ashley’s blog is a great remiinder… Naomi Bates has shared On LM_NET a Follett Collection of Creative Commons Images for Digital Projects .


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