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#AASL17 Social Media Posts ContestA contest and a little friendly competition always adds a bit to an occasion, don’t you think? At the #AASL17 National Conference, you will have a chance to win something each day: recognition for your social media posts! AASL’s Social Media Editorial Board members will be monitoring your posts on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, Facebook, and Google Photos, and selecting daily winners in each of several categories. And, please don’t stop reading even if you can’t attend the conference; you can still post in any of the categories, but there is also a special category just for you.

Contest Categories

Here are the post categories we will be recognizing:

  • Most informative: Share your best insights and practical conference take-aways with other attendees.
  • Most entertaining or funniest:  Make us smile or even laugh. We all need a little fun, right? Think of creative ways you can entertain us!
  • Best picture: Put your photography skills on display with great photos. And, feel free to app smash to get that best border or overlays.
  • Best selfie: Everyone loves taking selfies with conference presenters, authors, buddies, and more. Show yourself off on your own or with your old or new friends.
  • Best notes: Share your conference notes made with Sketchnotes, Google Docs, a series of Tweets, or your own technique.
  • Best group photo: Get your state affiliate, committee, or other group together for a photo. Better yet, find an imaginative way to show how much you are all gaining from and enjoying the conference! And be sure to identify your group.
  • #NOTATAASL post: We wish everyone could attend the conference, but, if you can’t, you can still get some of what the conference has to offer by following #AASL17 and sharing your own thoughts with the #NOTATAASL hashtag.

How Do You Enter?

For us to consider your post for recognition, conference attendees just need to be able to see it. When you post on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, and Facebook, be sure to include the #AASL17 hashtag in your post. If you are posting remotely, also include the #NOTATAASL hashtag. On Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Snapchat, make sure your account is public, or we will not be able to view your posts. On Facebook, we also recommend that you post on the AASL page (https://www.facebook.com/aaslala) and in the Conference Event (shortcut: bit.ly/aasl17facebook). We will not be able to view your general timeline posts on Facebook unless we are following you, but they will appear for everyone if posted on the AASL page or Conference Event page. Figuring out how to post on the AASL Conference Event isn’t obvious, so here is how-to:

Google Photos

AASL has set up a Google Photos album thatyou can join and contribute to: bit.ly/aasl17photos. Your photos will then be viewable by everyone who joins the album, and the collection will become an archive of conference photos. Here is how to join and contribute:







You can also install the Google Photos mobile app on your phone. Consider sharing your photos here in addition to other social media posts. And, take advantage of Google Photos’ Assistant tool to make some fun animations if you like.

What Do You Win?

Recognition and bragging rights! Your post and winner status will be featured on the KQ Blog and KQ Conference Edition. We will also send you a digital badge you can share on social media, your blog, website, and wherever you like. In addition, we will have a winner sticker for you if you are on-site. Be sure to brag about your win!

When Will the Contest Run?

We will recognize posts four times during the conference:

  • Items posted through 5pm Wednesday (11/8)
  • Items posted on Wednesday (11/8)  through 5pm Thursday (11/9)
  • Items posted Thursday evening (11/9) through 5pm Friday (11/10)
  • Items posted Friday evening (11/10) through Saturday night (11/11)

Look for posts on social media on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday announcing the previous day’s winners, and a KQ blog post the following day.

We look forward to seeing your posts and know they will enrich our conference experience.

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