Exercise Your Right, Responsibility, & Privilege to Vote

Today I took an important step for improved health and strength. Today I exercised the right, the responsibility, and the privilege of voting as a member of the American Association of School Librarians. I read carefully the bios of those who have volunteered their names to be put forth for office, knowing that if elected, their time will be at least somewhat compromised for the next few years as they commit to conference attendance and special AASL events.

I voted also for those running for office for the American Library Association, reading through the bios to ensure that the people elected are those that I think will support school libraries around the ALA leadership tables. I took some time with the ALA Council election and I did not cast a vote for all of the people that I could have. Instead, I strengthened my vote by only voting for those who had school library backgrounds or experiences. I am sure the rest are good people, and I am confident that school library issues will find support from those whose immediate work interest is based in any library or information service. I just want, selfishly perhaps, to see school librarians functioning as part of the decision-making process, instead of influencing it from afar.

We make decisions every day to grow stronger as an organization. But of all of the many things that we do, voting is probably the single most important task that can be done by every member. It costs nothing, but the cost of not voting is huge. Our thousands of votes could place AASL members at every table in this association.

Take a minute. VOTE!

Author: Gail Dickinson

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