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Cover_Nov Dec 14The theme for the November/December 2014 Knowledge Quest is Inquiry. Inquiry continues to play an important part in curriculum and standards in schools across the country. This issue outlines the different inquiry models currently available and how inquiry differs from research. It also investigates inquiry’s connection to and role in the Common Core State Standards.

About the Guest Editor

Mary KeelingMary Keeling is the supervisor of library services at Newport News Public Schools in Virginia. In 2003, she became a National Board Certified Teacher in Library Media. Her article “Mission Statements—Rhetoric, Reality, or Roadmap to Success?” was published in the Sept/Oct 2013 issue of Knowledge Quest. She also wrote “The AASL Planning Guide: A District Approach to Powerful Professional Development” for the Mar/Apr 2013 issue of Library Media Connection. She is an AASL member and is serving on the AASL/ACRL Interdivisional Committee on Information Literacy and is chair of the AASL Supervisors Section.

Read the Guest Editor column, “An Exploration of the Inquiry Process.”

Knowledge Quest, Volume 43, No. 2 – Inquiry


Making the Shift: From Traditional Research Assignments to Guiding Inquiry Learning
By Leslie K. Maniotes and Carol C. Kuhlthau

Elements of Information Inquiry, Evaluation of Models, and Measured Reflection
By Daniel Callison and Katie Baker

Seeking—and Finding—Authentic Inquiry Models for Our Evolving Information Landscape
By Trudi E. Jacobson and Emer O’Keeffe

Designing Inquiry for Upper Elementary Students: Lessons Learned from Driver’s Ed
By Suzy Rabbat

Approaching the Inquiry Process from a Cultural Perspective
By Nalani Naluai

Rocks in the River: The Challenge of Piloting the Inquiry Process in Today’s Learning Environment
By Sandy Graham, Patrice Lambusta, and Barbara Letteri-Walker

Recipe for an Infographic
By Debbie Abilock and Connie Williams

Community Collaboration for Inquiry Success
By Cherry Fuller, Gayla Byerly, Donna Kearley, and Lilly Ramin

Real-Life Research: Project Runway Makeover Model
By Paige Jaeger and Olga Nesi

Opportunity Knocks! Inquiry, the New National Social Studies and Science Standards, and You
By Mary Boyd Ratzer


Technology Quest Column
Socrative 2.0
By Judy Deichman

L4L Column
Just Wondering: The Beginning of Inquiry
By Catherine E. Marriott

CBC Column
The Roles of Inquiry and Research in Hatching the Glorious Goddesses
By Shirin Yim Bridges, with Janie Havemeyer and Gretchen Maurer


President’s Column
Planning + Mission = A Focused Association
Terri Grief

Guest Editor Column
An Exploration of the Inquiry Process
By Mary Keeling

Author: Meg Featheringham, KQ Editor

Meg Featheringham is responsible for the development and production of the AASL journal, Knowledge Quest. When not working at AASL, Meg enjoys playing euchre, attending concerts and plays, spending time with family and friends, and reading (of course).

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