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MarApr15 CoverThe theme of the March/April 2015 Knowledge Quest is Education Evolution. It explores the theme of AASL’s 17th National Conference & Exhibition, which will be held November 5-8, 2015, in Columbus, Ohio. Topics include the evolution of school library standards, the constancy of the founding values of school libraries amid education’s evolution, and how school library materials and the school librarian’s role have evolved.

About the Guest Editor

Carl HarveyCarl A. Harvey II is the school librarian of North Elementary School in Noblesville, Indiana. He is also a past president of AASL.

Read the Guest Editor Column, “What’s So Important about a Theme?”

Knowledge Quest, Volume 43, No. 4 – Education Evolution


Still the One: Reflecting on Sixty-Five Years of Resilience and Relevance
Donald Adcock and Susan Ballard

The Evolution of NxtWave, Leaders for the 21st-Century Libraries
Jody K. Howard

Change and the School Librarian: An Experience in Evolution
Gail K. Dickinson

Build Your Winning Team–Attend AASL’s 17th National Conference & Exhibition
John E. Miller

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same
Cassandra Barnett

Back to the Future Professional Development
Marge Cox

The Paradox of Our Profession
Ann M. Martin and Suzanna L. Panter

A Century of Change: The Evolution of School Library Resources, 1915-2015
Annette Lamb

Have Intellectual Freedom and Privacy Questions? Help Is on the Way!
Helen R. Adams


L4L Column
Plugged In or Tuned Out? (What Do Our Students Know about Big Data?)
Jennifer Helfrich

Technology Quest Column
instaGrok: A (Re)Search Engine for Learning
Melissa P. Johnston

CBC Column
No More Silence in the Library
J.J. Howard


President’s Column
Experience Education Evolution
Terri Grief

Guest Editor Column
What’s So Important about a Theme?
Carl A. Harvey II

Author: Meg Featheringham, KQ Editor

Meg Featheringham is responsible for the development and production of the AASL journal, Knowledge Quest. When not working at AASL, Meg enjoys playing euchre, attending concerts and plays, spending time with family and friends, and reading (of course).

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3 replies

  1. Carl,
    Really enjoyed your column. Making a very clever use of AASL Confernce themes to tell your sgtory.

  2. instaGrok? I searched World War 1. I selected three items of information. When I clicked on the source, all were Wikipedia.

    How does something like this get into a school library publication?

  3. Very much enjoyed Plugged In or Tuned Out by Jennifer Helfrich. A good overview of the implications of big data and how much is tracked. Think the article would be of interest to the broader library community.

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