Explore the Freedom to Learn through the AASL Standards in a Sept/Oct Online Exclusive

Looking for more guidance on intellectual freedom and equitable access? Check out Jamie Gregory’s online exclusive article “The Freedom to Learn.” In the article Jamie states that “successful implementation of the National School Library Standards requires widespread application of principles of intellectual freedom.” To make these principles active within the lives of students, she explores how school librarians can take the Shared Foundations of Inquire, Include, and Curate to re-envision the teaching of intellectual freedom by embedding its principles into every lesson and demonstrate how it affects everyday life.

By having an extensive knowledge of a school community, the school librarian can present practical applications of inquiry-based lessons, inclusive practices, and online evaluation of information, misinformation, and disinformation to provide a forum for students to develop a respect for intellectual freedom and access to information. Gregory includes examples from her own practice to show students’ work and responses to being included in the process of bringing intellectual freedom to life in their everyday lives.

This article shows that intellectual freedom and the First Amendment are not merely concepts to be discussed in isolation but must be intentionally included in all lessons that are taught within the school especially within the school library.

Read the online exclusive article today!

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