Finding My Technology Tribe

I have always loved technology and looked for ways to incorporate it into my library. Several years ago, I discovered the ISTE Librarians Network and through the network I found my tribe. The librarians I meet through the ISTE Librarians Network have helped me to become a technology leader in my school and beyond.

The purpose of the ISTE Librarians Network is to promote librarians as leaders and champions of educational technology and digital literacy. The key mission is to provide a professional learning community where librarians can leverage technology knowledge and expertise to improve school library programs, increase access to information, and foster strong teaching and learning environments in a connected world.

When people think of the International Society of Technology Educators (ISTE) they immediately think it is an organization for only technology educators, but that is not true. ISTE has numerous professional learning networks for many different groups, including a very big network of librarians. The ISTE Librarians Network is a place where librarians can connect with other librarians in lots of different ways and learn about ways to effectively use technology in their libraries. The network believes in empowering librarians with the skills needed to move their libraries into the future.

This year I am the president of the network, and Nikki D. Robertson, a school librarian in Leander, TX, is the president elect. There is also a great leadership team helping out with social media communications, answering people’s questions on different topics, and offering their advice and guidance to me. The team includes Jonathan Werner, Sherry Glick, Heather Lister, Kathy Schmidt, Andrew Wallace, Jacqueline Liesch, Susan Grigsby, and Diana Rendina.

Throughout the year the Librarians Network holds a number of webinars and trainings for librarians. This year the webinars and trainings will revolve around the new ISTE Standards for Students and Educators and will give examples of ways that librarians can incorporate these standards into their schools. The webinars are archived for viewing at a later date and can be found on the ISTE Librarians Network Website

The ISTE Librarians Network also is very involved with the Future Ready Libraries movement and are working closely with them to make sure every librarian becomes Future Ready. We call on each of you to become Future Ready! Check out here for all the information as to how to make it happen at

The Librarians Network also has an ever-expanding Facebook page where librarians can communicate with other librarians from around the world. The page is a place to ask questions, get suggestions, and connect with librarians from around the world. The Librarian Network also has a very active Twitter account @istelib, and you should follow the hashtag #istelib.

We hope that you will become involved in the Librarians Network, and we look forward to seeing all of you in Chicago in June for ISTE 2018!

Author: Elissa Malespina

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