For the Record | AASL President-Elect’s Report – ALA Annual 2018

Meet your 2018-2019 AASL Board of Directors!

This energetic group has:

  • Experience in the field of education ranging from 8 to 42 years with a collective 424 years of educational experience!
  • Experience in libraries ranging from 8 to 42 years with a collective 362 years of library experience!
  • 14 members who have served as president of their state associations.
  • All have worked previously within AASL, leading committees, task forces, sections, and other various leadership roles within Affiliate Assembly.

When the group completed the prompt, Name one thing you are most proud of professionally, the answers were impressive and included:

  • supporting the collaborative teamwork of the AASL Standards Implementation Taskforce,
  • mentoring new school librarians,
  • receiving positive feedback from teaching evaluations from my students,
  • making a positive impact in the realm of social emotional wellness,
  • doing research focused on school libraries, library services, and programs for children,
  • earning National Board Certification and renewal,
  • serving/impacting learners with my Bookmobile,
  • having principals asking me questions about a new vision for library services in their schools,
  • earning a PhD,
  • receiving a Lilead Fellowship,
  • opening two school libraries, one middle and one high,
  • designing a welcoming and effective multi-story library and learning commons,
  • receiving the 2017 Michigan School Library Program of the Year Award,
  • keeping the library program afloat and providing excellent services and resources despite budget cuts for 10 years,
  • being TASL Chair and representing school librarians as a voice during the legislative year,
  • educating tomorrow’s school librarians for my state and beyond, and
  • collaborating with teachers.

Your  2018-2019 AASL Board of Directors began its new adventure at the Board III meeting on Monday, June 25, at the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA. To kick off this meeting, returning board members and those new to the board worked through an ice breaker and team-building activities. This led to a passionate discussion about how your volunteer association serves members and how AASL can better serve you! This conversation is a prelude to a robust strategic planning process that the association will embark on this year. The board addressed the agenda, Affiliate Commendations and Concerns, and other association business.

As the year progresses, the AASL Executive Committee, made up of the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, Division Councilor, Board Representative, and Executive Director as ex officio, will meet monthly via Zoom and face-to-face twice. The board elected Laura Hicks to be Board Representative on the Executive Committee. The entire board will meet via Zoom in the fall and spring, and again face-to-face at ALA Midwinter and Annual. The board communicates during the year using ALA Connect.

The 2018-2019 AASL Board of Directors is a hard-working and enthusiastic group representing school librarians. This year the board is focused on standards implementation and strategic planning, as well as the day-to-day work of your organization. The board is dedicated to supporting school librarians by providing vision for our profession and promoting the mission and goals of AASL.

This year my presidential initiative is centered on championing the structure, purpose, and value of the National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries to school and educational leaders. In addition, this initiative will be providing tools for school librarians to use in discussions with stakeholders.

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