For the Record | AASL Treasurer’s Report – ALA Annual 2018

At the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, the AASL Board met and spent considerable time reviewing the finances of our organization. The board reviewed the projected FY 2019 budget, the state of our financial summary for this fiscal year, and looked at projected expenditures related to the upcoming, new strategic plan. A lively discussion ensued and all agreed to support the planned FY 2019 budget as presented. The budget represents your organization being fiscally responsible and good stewards of the funds available to promote the mission of AASL. It is flexible enough to address issues, to anticipate trends in our profession, and to plan for the future. The budget allows for presidential state visits and promotion of AASL’s new National School Library Standards. All of the AASL Standards materials have been and are projected to be a positive revenue flow for AASL.

Membership numbers for AASL have been on an upward trend, and this is very exciting. The student membership promotion has been very successful, and we need to ensure that these members are welcomed and cultivated to be our future movers and shakers. Please encourage all of your colleagues to join AASL and become active members. A growing membership will not only benefit them, but all of us as a profession. Advocacy for school libraries is just one of the many benefits of membership.

As your treasurer, I encourage you to fully utilize the AASL Standards web portal and the wealth of FREE resources that are available to you and other librarians. Please share our new wonderful standards with everyone in your building. They are the best advocacy tool.

As always, if you have any concerns, issues, or suggestions please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any board member. We are here to serve you and our awesome organization!

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Author: Judith Deichman

AASL Treasurer

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