Friday #AASL17 Social Media Contest Winners

As part of the #AASL17 National Conference festivities, AASL is holding a daily social media contest! Here are those lucky posters who took the top honors for Friday, November 10! (Want to participate? Find out how!)

Most Informative

Carolyn Foote Link

best post

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Most Entertaining or Funniest

Maggie Townsend @saberlibrarian  Link

most entertaining post

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Best Picture

Lisa Bourne @LisaJBourne Link (be sure to click this to see with animation)

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Best Selfie

Christine O’Reagen @ChristineORKUSD Link

best selfie

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Best Notes

Diana Rendina @DianaLRendina Link

best notes

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Best Group Photo

Misti Werle @mistiwerle Link (be sure to click this to view the animation)

best group photo

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#NOTATAASL Post – A Tie!

Jamie Becker @Jamie_A_Becker Link


Amanda Lawrence @LibrarianMsL Link to view post and video


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