Friday Finds – So Many Books to Movies This Year

booksmoviemovie-iconThere are so many books that are making it to the big screen this year, that we cannot ignore the opportunity to draw in readers, both reluctant and avid. From picture books to adult novels there are over 50 books that are going Hollywood!

We can use this avenue to promote books and plan motivating field trips to see the movies.  We can compare and contrast the book to the movie.  Which is better?  I think we all know the answer to that question.  We can study how the characters are portrayed.  It is good for our students to see how much more detail is included in a book versus a movie presentation.

There are quite a few websites that list all the movies adapted from books.  You can alter your search based on the level of books, such as picture books or young adult.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful year of films from books!

Author: Judith Deichman

AASL Treasurer

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