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I have found a great new research tool for aiding students in their quest to focus and narrow the scope of their research.  Best of all, this tool is free for students to utilize.  All you have to do is type in your research topic and instaGrok provides a concept map for the students’ use. In addition to the map, instaGrok provides a marvelous video that explains the topic and highlights some of the terms presented in the map.  Some of the awesome features of the website/app are:



The above picture shows the Interactive visual interface that allows the user to quickly grasp important concepts, key facts and relationships.


Key Facts show important facts about the topic (with links to the original content page).


Integrated journals allow easy note-taking or writing of research reports.

Get more details at or download the app for either your android or ios device.

Author: Judith Deichman

AASL Treasurer

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  1. A sophomore English class was scheduled to start their research in the library and I shared this with the teacher. She loved it, introduced to the students and they took off with it!

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