Friday Finds – Tech & Learning Released Top 100 Sites and APPS of 2014


Tech & Learning has just released their top 100 sites and apps for the year!  More mobile apps made the list this year than last, indicating a trend towards the mobile platform.  The sites and apps are all new for this year.  None are repeated from last year.  If you are looking for some new technology to try out, this is a great place to start your hunt.  Some of the apps are free and some have a small nominal charge.    All of the core subjects are addressed and there are just for fun listings as well.

You can subscribe to their magazine when you visit the website.  I highly recommend this publication, as it always has very informative articles and keeps us abreast of happenings in the tech world.  Most importantly, it is free!

Check it out!

Author: Judith Deichman

AASL Treasurer

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