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Google Drawings is an online tool to help users create images, charts, posters, and other drawing needs. Similar to other Google tools, you can collaborate with others, publish online, or download an image file. Google Drawings works great with other Google tools such as creating a chart to place into Google Docs.

Lately, I utilize Google Drawings to design instructional materials for students at home and at school. I like to include images on the library website pages, place arrows and directions on screenshots, and creatively add fun Bitmojis.

Mask Tool

Use the mask tool to create an “app-like” logo or image.

  • Place your image on the canvas. (Insert > Image)
  • Click the crop icon in the toolbar and choose the shape.
  • Your image will be trimmed to the chosen shape. I use the rounded rectangle to create an app-like appearance.

Add Annotations to Screenshots

  • Insert a screenshot. (Insert > Image or Copy/Paste image to the Google Drawings’ canvas)
  • Use the arrows and other tools located in the toolbar to edit the screenshot.

The following example shows the Google Drawing’s canvas with screenshots of the various items students need to complete a blog post. I added numbers, arrows, and text to point out the necessary steps to complete the blog post.

Example of an Annotated Screenshot

Example canvas of an annotated screenshot for a blogging project

Add Bitmojis

Add bitmojis to your Google Drawings by using the Bitmoji Chrome Extension. This item takes several steps, but it is worth it to create fun and engaging images.

  • Use the app to create your Bitmoji.
  • Once you create your personal Bitmoji image on the app, download the Bitmoji Chrome Extension.
  • Log into the Chrome Extension with the same account as the app.  It will recognize you and display your personal bitmoji options.
  • In Google Drawings, go to the Chrome Extension toolbar and choose the Bitmoji extension.
    Bitmoji Extension
  • Find a bitmoji and right-click to copy the image.

  • In Google Drawings, right-click to paste the image to the canvas.

See the video below to learn more about creating Bitmoji stickers in Google Drawings.

Additional Resources

A Guide To Google Drawings For Teachers, Students, And Bloggers: Provides an overview of Google Drawings along with educational ideas.

Google Drawings Overview: Another resource to learn more about Google Drawings from an educational perspective.

Templates for Google Drawing:  The website provides templates for a variety of content areas.


Author: Becca Munson

Becca Munson, Librarian, is a National Board Certified Teacher with over 23 years of experience in education. She is currently a school librarian at Blue Valley West High School in Overland Park, KS. Becca continues to find ways to positively impact student learning with literacy initiatives, technology integration, and building rapport with students and staff. Follow her on Twitter to view the library in action @bvwlibrary and @beccamunson .

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