Happy New Year

The new year is upon us. For some it rolled around quickly, while for others it may have taken longer to get here. Regardless of your point of view the new year offers us all a time of reflection and anticipation. We get to look over the past year, count our successes, and contemplate areas of needed focus. Many begin with resolutions, a desire to make something better, a conscious effort to create a positive change.

Melinda Gates recently shared in a LinkedIn post in which she notes that she does not set new year’s resolutions but instead selects a word of the year. Her word last year was grace. This prompted me to think about what I might select as my own word of the year. As a die-hard lover of all things library, advocate came to mind. I unfortunately have come to understand what it means when proper funding levels for school libraries are not maintained. Students can be robbed of the opportunity to experience the magnificence and splendor of all a school library has to offer. Advocate, the verb, is my word, meaning I will communicate as much as possible, to anyone who will listen, the good school libraries offer for all students.

Instead of crafting a resolution chose a word. Try this with your students, teachers, and staff. Guide them in selecting a word for the new year. You could even lead the work to select a word for your entire school community.

I would love to hear what word you select. Please share in the comment section.

Happy New Year!


Author: Michelle Easley

Michelle Easley is the author of How to Increase Diversity in School Library Collections and Programs. Michelle is a national presenter, diversity and library advocate, consultant and speaker. Michelle spends her free time volunteering with homeless youth.

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  1. Collaborate

  2. Lead (meaning I will support school librarians as co-leaders for transformational change in teaching and learning alongside their principals)

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