I Earned a Badge! Now What? Keeping Track of Digital Badges

Professional development has evolved over the last few years. It’s often said that professional development should not be a one-size-fits-all or sit-and-get style any longer. Individualized professional development has been on the rise, along with individualized learning for students. When supporting individualized professional development, many schools, ed-tech companies, and conferences are offering digital badges or micro-credentials.

Last month when I discussed reasons to earn digital badges, I mentioned that “digital badges, or micro-credentials, are given when a participant has completed specific tasks. They typically require some form of evidence, usually links to social media posts or digital tasks.”

The question often arises: what do I do with digital badges once I earn them?

Google Folder & Sheets

Personally, I keep a Google folder with my digital badges in it. This allows me quick access to my digital badges and keeps them all in one place. I want to be able to reference my digital badges and explain how I earned them, so I keep a spreadsheet that includes the digital badge, the criteria for earning it, and when it was earned.



Websites & Digital Business Cards

Keeping your digital badges on your website is also a great option. Not only does this keep your digital badges in one place, but it also displays them for everyone to see. When discussing websites as a digital badge depository, Amanda Hunt says, “I love being able to show my teachers that I’m an expert in a multitude of platforms if they need help with anything.”

Elissa Malespina keeps several of her earned badges on her personal website.

Adding digital badges to digital business cards keeps your badges in one place while also advertising your services! Digital business cards can be designed in several different ways including Google Slides or Drawings, Buncee, or Canva. Stephanie Galavan Russell designed her business card with Canva to keep her digital badges and micro-credentials front and center.

Apps and Tracking Sites

Educators also have the option to utilize digital badge apps and tracking sites. Schoololgy is a learning management system that allows you to create, manage, and store badges. As an ambassador, Christina Nording says, “Schoololgy does it for you! You can use the free version and use and create the badges.”

Another digital badge creation and tracking site is Badgelist. The AASL Social Media Squad is taking advantage of Badgelist for the 2019 AASL National Conference in November. Before, during, and after the conference, attendees can earn badges by completing challenges. Right now, you can earn the Attendee Badge and Promoter Badge! If you’re attending, join the Badgelist group to see the badges as they’re released.

#AASL19 digital badges

Badgelist keeps track of badges you’ve earned through the site, too! The free version is a great option to use for conferences and local professional development.

Digital badges and micro-credentials are a great way to provide evidence of continuous learning and improvement. They’re perfect for educators seeking customized professional development.


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